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Chanong is an Igorot Streamer from Mountain Province, Philippines and plays mostly Dota 2.

He mainly plays Pudge during games even if his hook rate is below 10%. Nonetheless, he still win games and reached Immortal bracket mainly with The Butcher.

Chanong is one of the most cancer Dota player in the SEA region but some still watch his streams because they mainly enjoy watching him rage and his face reactions are sometimes funny. 

By spamming Pudge in pubs and continuously feeding, the phrase "hook feed repeat" has now become one of his key description.

Chanong is actually a Nurse but has not pursued the profession. He took Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Saint Louis University in Baguio City. 

He has worked in teaching English in ESL Schools, worked in BPOs, became a freelancer doing some web designing, and doing some internet marketing like Media Buying.

In July 2020, he got into a motor vehicular accident and nearly not respawned. After hospitalization, he started streaming in Facebook and has now feeding people's newsfeeds Cancer Pudge Videos. 

He's currently averaging hundred viewers when streaming. You can check his streams Facebook Gaming or his stream highlights in Youtube.